Let’s bring our authentic imperfect self to work

Authenticity. Genuineness. Truthfulness. Straightforwardness even. Whatever way we describe it, to be authentic is to be free to be we are. But how many of us are truly who we are when we go to work. How much of who we are do we lock away. For a large part of my work life, IContinue reading “Let’s bring our authentic imperfect self to work”

Back from the brink of death

This time last year, I was in a hospital bed unable to get up and walk two steps without oxygen. How did I end up there? Well, now that I’ve had time to reflect I know the journey that got me there started many months earlier. It started with a cough that just wouldn’t goContinue reading “Back from the brink of death”

Roll up roll up, people for sale, rewards for runaways

As a child growing up in the 1980s, learning about British history was mostly about kings and queens, conquerors and explorers, villains and victories. Britain was depicted as the hero and saviour of the world. The history of the slave trade and abolition is a great example of this.  I clearly remember learning about WilliamContinue reading “Roll up roll up, people for sale, rewards for runaways”